National Sales Marketing Meeting 2012 " Challenges Are What Make Life Interesting; Overcoming Them is What Makes Life Meaningful"

National Sales Marketing Meeting 2012 " Challenges Are What Make Life Interesting; Overcoming Them is What Makes Life Meaningful"

 Indonesia Sales Team

The National Sales Meeting 2012 will be held on 21 and 22 March 2012 at Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village – Karawaci with theme of meeting " Challenges Are What Make Life Interesting; Overcoming Them is What Makes Life Meaningful", therefore please block your agenda for two days and start plan your itinerary accordingly, we expecting everybody is be there

 Run down agenda is as follow:

 Day 1st Thursday 21 March

 Starting  by 7.30 AM, we required for those who will use coach from the Tanah Abang Office to standby, the coach plan to departure by 8.00 AM sharp

2.       For branches and those participants that able to manage their own transportation (please inform Puspa and Jeanny in advance), we required you all to arrive in to the Hotel by 9.00 AM sharp

3.       Meeting will starting at 9.30 AM, with opening speech from MD A***** Indonesia, continue with presentation of 2013 outlook and strategy from A***** Indonesia Sales Manager, and presentation from Operation, Customer Service and Billing & documentation

4.       Trade Presentations (deadline submission is on 19 March)

5.       Branches presentations (deadline submission is on 19 March)

6.       Motivational Talk

7.       Expecting latest by 6.15 PM, the meeting day 1st shall finish

8.       We will have a team dinner at 7.00 Pm (sharp) continue with "Sales Idol", and for this purposes, all meeting participants divided in to the group and do performances, please feel free to choose and select any kind performance that decent, full entertained and fun, this is from us for us, like dances: the old style one "Asereje", or traditional one like Javanese dance, or the most popular in 2012 - Gangnam Style, even the one that now happening "Harlem Shake". Or Simple to do Sing and Dance or Sing, etc etc… please go through below guidance before deciding:

-          Each group have 5 – maximum 8 minutes to perform (group consist all sales including managers), in random order

-          Even though you are perform as a group, but the score will goes as individual, the score also will compute and add on into group presentation score for the Best Group competition, the judges are: Mr..,Mrs....,Mr......

-          Unique outfit will be an additional score  

-          Please inform us in advance (Puspa, Jeanny and myself) for any DVD/VCD or any kind music that required to do performances;

-          Group 1 (Sumatera Team) they are Pak Budi, Agung, Mbak Intan, Ui Cik and Elvy Wirawaty

-          Group 2 (Jakarta IA Team featuring Andini) they are Riani, Medi, Sofia, Bharoto, Fajar + Andini   

-          Group 3 (Jakarta TP Team) they are PCK, Melani, Sugih, Khrisna and Wilman

-          Group 4 (Jakarta IB & EU and RFR Team) they are Sinta, Citra, Rossy, Susi, Irfan and Tito

-          Group 5 (East Indonesia Team A) they are Mas Gerdy, Pak Eddy, Mbak Panti, Nia and Pak Deddy

-          Group 6 (East Indonesia Team B) they are Pak BS, Mas Toyo, Lucia, Mbak Endang and Mas Herry

-          Group 7 (Judges team) presenting Pak Mark, Pak Zak, myself, Puspa and Jeanny

9.       Dress code for meeting is smart casual – decent for business meeting, and for dinner just smart casual

 Day 2nd Friday 22 March:

We starting the day bit early, by 6 – 7 AM for breakfast, and 7.15 – 9.30 for the outbound activities, T shirt for outbound are provided, please don't forget to bring your sport shoes for this purposes

2.       The meeting will be start on 10.30 AM (enable to do refresh after outbound), on the 2nd days, the meeting agenda allocated for Group Presentation, we expecting by 2.30 all groups already presented

3.       The Sales Award shall be held @ 3.15 PM until 3.35 pm, continue with wrap up of the day 2nd,  all APL Indonesia Management Team expecting to be there

4.        Meeting finish by 4PM, following with the preparation to leaving

Details itinerary on this 2 full day activities is as enclosed, kindly check and follow though accordingly, meanwhile for rooms assignment/accommodation, Puspa and Jeanny will inform you all separately

 Let me know of any questions

Best Regards,
Petrus Hepi Witono
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