Abstract for Conference 2019.

Professor Rhenald Kasali added that the rise of financial technology will become the trend of future financial businesses for millennials, such as online loan applications, bitcoin investment, forex, OVO, Go-Pay, online gold. The establishment of fintech unconsciously shifted the conventional tradition of saving money at both Banks and savings unions nowadays. This is because of society's changing lifestyle as a result of technological advances and the demands of rapid life. A life-style has saved one of the early factors of economic growth in a society because of social benefits. The Indonesian economy is expected to growth by referring to Pancasila unearthed in Indonesian society's values as religious, tradition, and its established values. The purpose of this study is to learn the construction of Pancasila as a paradigm that could be applied as an investment in economic justice to create a lifestyle model to all students of Bina Nusantara University. This study case is used to qualitative research design to dig for the understanding of nusantara university students. Data collection was conducted by interviews of 20 students who were 18-20 years of age. Data analysis techniques will use the konten analysis method to exhume the contents and establish the meaning of the research data he's got. Results of this study will be used as contributions on Character Building Development Center: Pancasila