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Indonesia Social Media Trend for in 2018

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10 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018
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 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Target Gen Z:
  1. Integrate them into your brand; help them build their personal brand while you promote yours. Encourage them to be social influencers.
  2. Be as authentic as possible. Take spontaneous photos and videos. Give consumers a look behind the scenes of your company. Choose a spokesperson to whom Gen Z can relate.
  3. Focus on social influence. You need to have a quality product or service to convince people to love it. Once that happens, you’ll have influencers that are sure to impress Generation Z.
  4. Walk the talk. Don’t only say your company does great things for the community or focuses on philanthropy; you have to show and prove your acts of generosity.Work social good into your business strategy, and enlist the help of Gen Z to provide videos, images and stories that truly convey the power of your good work.
Overall, Gen Z is innovative, phone-obsessed, and they crave authentic experiences. They're conscious about the environment, choose visuals over text and prefer incognito social media platforms that their parents and grandparents aren’t on. 

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