From my baby: planning our future

From my baby: planning our future

Yesterday I told to my brother about our plan to go to malang this year and gave a sign about our plan.
I also talked with my mom about our plan next year. She laughed coz I ask some amount to support our plan ... She said that I must asked you to prepare all those things.

Others, my sis said that if both of us can keep in around 30 million till let say next july. It's will be more easy for us, its mean no need to take credit till much.
My mom suggest to buy un-good condition houses, my be the price around 200-250million and take KPR and KTA/KPR around 200-250 million to repair the house. We take KPR for 15till20 years. And the DP will be less than 25%.

I thing I prefer to buy house after we married. Not only coz house is more valuable but also coz I thing easy to us to invite ur mom to our house. And also for Our PRIDE or DIGNITY ........... But ....... I also wanna have car ......... especially if we have a baby.............

I also do calculation/estimation about our financial situation after getting marry. ... I thing we have tight financial situation ...........bye bye shoesssss

♬♪♭♯ ♥♡mylembu♡♥ ♯♭♬♪
I pray for our ♥
I pray for our plan
I pray for our future

Cheer, Sofie

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