Nonton Film Soegija (2012)

Nonton Film Soegija (2012)

Rate from me: 9. I Love this movie...
Soegija is a 2012 Indonesian film directed by the noted director Garin Nugroho, who had done 1998’s Cannes entrée Daun di Atas Bantal. Set in Semarang, Central Java throughout the 1940s, the film aims to present the revolutionary-era exploits of Albertus Soegijapranata, the first native Indonesian bishop and a national hero.

Or so it seems at first. In practice, the film opts to instead focus on fictional(ised) personas representing the historical and very much human struggles that brought Indonesia from an oppressed past, with Mgr Soegija himself, instead of being portrayed as a big hero for many, instead guards and watches over the little heroes of everyday life that in the end defined the nation and his own ideals, making for perhaps one of the great Indonesian National Revolution films alongside the likes of Janur Kuning and Serangan Fajar, albeit in a very different way.

Cast: Nirwan Dewanto, Annisa Hertami, Wouter Zweers, Wouter Braaf, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Olga Lydia, Margono, Butet Kartaredjasa, Hengky Soelaiman, Andrea Reva, Rukman Rosadi, Eko Balung, Andriano Fidelis 

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