SMS (how to stop our relationship)

SMS (how to stop our relationship)

Hi Dear,

Unfortunately I boring already to understand your condition.
1001 work matter
1001 family matter
1001 church matter
1001 friend matter
1001 E.T.C matter
But don't worry, I don't have any interruption
I just getting tired to hold person:
who only think about his own business
who only think about his own interest
who only think about his own feeling

After finish our study better we review our relationship, unless we will spend a lot time for some thing un-valuable and doesn't work.

I think we have a difference vision, mission and goal to achieve on our life which is difficult to elaborate.

Time being, I love you but I don't have a plan to spend my life on tears due to love you.

One year I think enough to review our relationship. I don't said there's no improvement. I just the improvement is not significant.

I tired to talk you nicely about it but
you don't understand. Now, I hope you understand what is my concern.

Thank you for all those thing u given to me.

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