The Toyota Foundation: Research Grant Program 2016

The Toyota Foundation: Research Grant Program 2016


Research Grant Program 2016, titled "Exploring New Values for Society", provides two grant frameworks respectively for joint research projects and individual research projects that can be expected to lead to "creation of new values for society". For both frameworks, the program solicits ambitious research projects that explore basic ways of thinking and methodologies to address difficult issues to be faced by future society; issues that are on a global scale; issues that transcend generations; and nascent problems that will only fully manifest themselves in the future. Link:

Public Notification PeriodMay 16 to September 2, 2016
Total Amount of Grants100 million yen (Joint Research Grants: Approx. 80 million yen. Individual Research Grants: Approx. 20 million yen.)
Amount of Grant per ProjectJoint Research Grants: Up to 4 million yen per year
Individual Research Grants: Up to 1 million yen per year
Period of GrantsOne year or two years, beginning May 1, 2017
Project Proposal RequirementsNo limitations are placed on proposals with regard to the nationality or place of residence of the project representative or participants; nor is there any restriction with regard to the their affiliation (or lack thereof) with a university, research institute, NPO/NGO, or other organization.
Grant Categories(A) Joint Research Grants
(B) Individual Research Grants
Selection of GrantsFormal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made at the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors meetings scheduled to be held in March 2017, based on the deliberations of a selection committee composed of outside experts.

Grants for Research Grant Program Fiscal 2015

Grant NumberProject TitleProject RepresentativePosition, OrganizationGrant Amount
(A) Joint Research Grants
D15-R-0009Assessment of the Mid- to Long-term Health Effects of Japan's 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Toward disaster-resilient health care systemsShuhei NomuraGraduate Student, School of Public Health, Imperial College London1,200,000
D15-R-0158Revitalization and Sutainability of Communities in Historic Cairo Based on their Historical Monuments and Traditional HabitatsNaoko FukamiDirector, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Station, Cairo6,200,000
D15-R-0213A Comprehensive Study of War Memory and History Education: The roles of historians in the confidence building and training of global talents in the Asia Pacific RegionXiaohua MaAssociate Professor, Department of Arts and Sciences, Osaka Kyoiku University4,000,000
D15-R-0234International Collaborative Investigation of Underlying Technology to Develop Information Exchange Platform with Hair Dresser/Barber for Successful Aging in Thailand and JapanSachiko MakabeLecturer, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Akita University6,600,000
D15-R-0262Activation of Exchanges by Local and Practical Distributive Justice in a Gap Widening Society: Exploring new values for society based on convivial human scienceYuji MoroProfessor, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba6,500,000
D15-R-0331Exploring the Art of Living Together in 21st Century Ethnically Diverse Europe: Fostering strong sense of belonging, living in harmony with one another, and integrating refugeesIvan BotevLecturer, Faculty of Regional Development Studies, Toyo University2,000,000
D15-R-0369Understanding the Reorganisation of the Marginalised Labour Market in Contemporary Japan from Migrants' Perspectives: Towards building new support systemsHironori SaiAssociate Professor, Faculty of Information Design and Sociology, Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University4,600,000
D15-R-0447Women's Participation to Decision Making Process of Medical Interventions during Labour in Cambodia: Does it effectively reduce unnecessary interventions and improve maternal and neonatal health?Mitsuaki MatsuiAssociate Professor, School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nagasaki University6,200,000
D15-R-0452Construction of Archives that Contribute to Inheritance and its Use of Memory of War, and Research of the New Possibility of the Peaceful Learning Based on it: To bring up a heart to desire peaceHiroyuki SatoAssociate Professor, Education, Law, Economics and the Humanities Area, Research and Education Assembly, Kagoshima University6,500,000
D15-R-0475The Approach to Dissemination of New Preservation Technologies for Disaster Damaged ArchivesMutsumi AokiAssociate Professor, National Institute of Japanese Literature5,600,000
D15-R-0519An Empirical Study on the Self-governing Conditions of How a Small Municipality Can Keep its Inherence and Sustainability: An interdisciplinary comparative analysis on the transitions of governance, landscape, and public spheres in the villages in Japan, Germany, and France since 1960sKeijiro YamadaAssociate Professor, College of Environmental Engineering and Architecture, Kanazawa Institute of Technology4,600,000
D15-R-0590The Role of Volunteers in Long-term Disaster Recovery: Facilitating co-production for resilient communitiesDeborah BlackmanProfessor, School of Business, University of New South Wales4,000,000
D15-R-0631Reconsidering the Future of Language Education Based on the Significance of a Language that Shapes One's Whole Life CourseRoman PașcaLecturer, Japanese Studies Research Institute, Kanda University of International Studies4,800,000
D15-R-0637Understanding Japan as a Multi-cultural and Multi-lingual Society: Establishing objective criteria for measuring mutual intelligibility and intergenerational transmission of the endangered languagesMasahiro YamadaProgram Specific Assistant Professor, Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research, Kyoto University6,500,000
D15-R-0643Construction of the Sanriku Coast Village Archive Towards the Formation of Autonomous Communities by the Cooperative of History Researchers and a PhotographerKentaro OkamuraAssistant Lecturer, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo3,000,000
D15-R-0656Reconstruction of the Mental Health and Welfare System in a Polyphyletic Recycling Society: Through comparison of the classification of the policiesYuki OgataProfessor, Faculty of Social Welfare, Bukkyo University2,800,000
D15-R-0699Toward Integration of Time and Space in Lifelong Learning: From the field of Dosenbo area, KyotoYasushi MaehiraProfessor, Faculty of Education, Kio University6,000,000
Sub Total 1781,100,000
(B) Individual Research Grants
D15-R-0015An Anthropological Study about Ethnic Identity of Siraya Tribe in Taiwan: A case study centering revival of indigenous people's handicrafts through museum collectionsYiping LuGraduate Student, School of Cultural and Social Studies, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies1,600,000
D15-R-0022The New Stakeholder in Reforestaton Activity for the Greater Sustainability in the Aral Region, Kazakhstan: Focusing on the cultural and social background of the regionKayo MatsuiGraduate Student, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University1,700,000
D15-R-0040Identification of Mycorrhizal Fungi in (Potential) Mycoheterotrophic Plants: Implication for conservation of species-rich underground biotic networksKenji SuetsuguLecturer, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University1,600,000
D15-R-0067Protecting the Commons and Sustainable Development: Fishers' perceptions as performance indicator of Philippine marine reservesRonald J. MaliaoInstructor, College of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Aklan State University1,300,000
D15-R-0091Development of Management Methods to Conserve Cymbidium Goeringii in SATOYAMA: Clarification of its inhabiting processes and scientific verification after improvement of SATOYAMA by tree thinningHiroyuki KurokochiSpecially Appointed Assistant Professor, Asian Natural Environmental Science Center, The University of Tokyo1,500,000
D15-R-0129Labour Migration, Transnational Farm Ownership, and the Transformation of Global Agriculture: Identifying pathways to intercultural connection and shared belonging in changing rural spacesVictoria SteadPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Deakin University700,000
D15-R-0169"Invisible" Function of International Human Rights Laws: Reconstructing moral and social normsHoko HoriiGraduate Student, Van Vollenhoven Institute/KITLV, Leiden University1,700,000
D15-R-0206Historical Analysis of Legal Position of Schools for Foreigners in Post-World War II Japan: To build an education system in the time of globalizationYongho OPart-time Lecturer, Tokyo Gakugei University1,200,000
D15-R-0242The Ethics of Listening: Regarding the pain of war in ColombiaJuan Pablo Aranguren RomeroAssistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of los Andes1,400,000
D15-R-0243Observing the Conception of Nature in Contemporary Japan through Marine Conservation Activity by FishermenIzumi TsuritaGraduate Student, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo600,000
D15-R-0324Collaborative Archaeological Site Management: Exploring a new value of cultural heritage through a collaboration with local communities in SudanTomomi FushiyaGraduate Student, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University800,000
D15-R-0448Comparative Study of Global Citizenship Education in Secondary Education: Practical research at domestic and IB schools in Germany and AustriaReiko MaejimaGraduate Student, Department of Oriental Studies, University of Vienna1,600,000
D15-R-0543The Power of "Self-Documentary" (Personal Documentary Films) to Reflect the "Everyday World "after the Great East Japan Earthquake: The process of sharing disaster experiences and fostering "insiders" through filmmaking by the citizens in post 3.11 JapanTomoko NiwaProject Assistant Professor, National Institutes for the Humanities1,600,000
D15-R-0613Managing Festivity in the Contemporary Age: An action research through mutual interactions and networking of the organizers of rock festivals in JapanSho YamasakiGraduate Student, Graduate School of International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies, Hokkaido University900,000
D15-R-0650"Enemies"Become Friends: Designing education activities that build understanding and positive attitudes among migrant students and Thai studentsThithimadee ArphattananonAssistant Professor, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University700,000
Sub Total 1518,900,000
Total 32100,000,000

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