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thank for the explanation, my name is Yudithia from University of Padjadjaran.. i have question for Mr.Rusly (1st speaker) you said chloroquine is not recomended for kids, how about the adult that is still running?.. actually can u explain more about the effect of this substance? because in Indonesia still have research to develop Cinchona as the natural hydrocloroquine as a medicine of Covid. 

thank u.


my name is nunuk indarti fromuniversitas PGRI Wiranegara Pasuruan. I want to ask Mr. Rusly Whay covid 19 has increased in number even though we have implemented the health protocol correctly, why sir  


My  question to first presenter Can you explain abaut the state " care for other organ support … and THE SECOND   if the children use ventilator you have ventilator in every hospital ? children  in this because I ever hear that DIFFICULT USE  ventilator for children   . do you have recept for children  for preventive covid is the same with parent ... tkank you  Im Cicik from MM Unmuh Gresik


for mr Rusli, I have Some question. how do thing about sinovak vaccine that will be used in Indonesia, what was a vaccine developed in each country have a similarity and then, what each country develop itself based on condition environment then what basic considering? 
can a vaccine imported work effectively to use in other countries.   


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