Organic word of Mouth

Organic word of Mouth

Leveraging Organic Word of Mouth When It Is Nothing More Than Pure Gossip

You don’t talk about boring things, share boring things, let alone notice them. Why? Well boring is boring. Who cares.
You look for things in your life that make you happy. That make you feel loved and connected. Well, at least this is the goal of most people. It’s what makes us human.
And this is why we talk. We share the experiences we have in life to connect, to be accepted and to be part of the group. There is nothing new to this idea. The cave man did and now you do it. The only real difference is that you are not a caveman.


This is what is at the root of all word of mouth. The need to gossip. You see people in  coffee shaking their heads in agreement, in horror or in pure shock.
This is what word of mouth marketing is all about and what organic word of mouth marketing  is. This is what influences most busying decisions.
It’s only becomes valuable to you when the gossip is good news stories about your brand. So how do you make sure you are the conversation?

Get The Heck Out The Way

Word of mouth is a conversation between a couple of people. As marketers we add the word marketing to it, roll up our sleeves and try and try influence what is said.
Yet word of mouth is not advertising campaign, a social media strategy or some other viral campaign.
Word of mouth marketing is a consistent sharing of information. It is a movement where there are up and down no spikes in your referral number based on some clever advertising strategy. There should be one solid movement that grows, evolves and is full of passion.
Organic Word of Mouth  is a movement that drives people to your brand because you have filled their life with joy, happiness, hope, comfort, trust, warmth — or hey, maybe even a bit of love.

The Organic Word of Mouth Group

Organic Word of Mouth This that is so fundamentally different to how we go about creating our marketing campaigns. It is redefining and it still is in its infancy. To help develop thinking about this way of marketing we have set up the Organic Word of Mouth Marketing Group  onLinkedIn .
The LinkedIn Organic Word of Mouth Marketing  group is a place where you can connect, share ideas and learn. And we are looking forward to seeing you over there.

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