Dear our beloved Pare Ricky,

Dear our beloved Pare Ricky,

It's been a great experience working together with you even though it was only a few months. You are the only work mate I could argue with and I always ended up agreeing with what you've told. Thank you for being such a quiet but nice work mate, for being a teacher in Marketing and Social Media, for being such a creative person, for being such a cool man J

I know I'm such a stubborn kid, but all lessons you've planted, will always become lessons I would never get at any universities J I'm sorry if I've mostly seemed to disagree with your ideas, but deep down inside… Your ideas are just too creative to understand! Lol. Well… If I've ever offended you, you know I never meant to. It just always happens everywhere. Here are what your (former) workmates think about you…


1.      Ricky

-          A gentleman

-          A kind-hearted man

-          A friendly man

-          Funny

-          Cute J

From: 'Sweet Dian' ('Dian Manis')


2.      Ricky…

I salute his work performances and his creative ideas that are very understandable. He is a friendly work mate and he never discriminates each one of us even though I am new here.

Thank you for every lesson you have given to me.

From: 'Handy'


3.      Dear Pare Ricky…

I admire how he has been able to survive here for two years. I sometimes feel life is so 'hard' to keep going, but I just 'look at' him and I suddenly feel I'm getting stronger. If he can survive, why can't I?

Although it's kind of hard to understand/accept his advises, but most of his advices are the right things to do.

I'm very grateful for what he's done to us for the past two years, especially when I feel like having too much work to do, I'm much helped.

From: 'Joice'


4.      Ricky…

For me, Ricky is the gentlest man and most caring person ever at the office, especially to girls!

He is very friendly and chill, because every time we ask him out, he'll always say yes J

He is funny, especially when he's trying to speak Bahasa Indonesia with his Philippines accent.

He loves to sing and he is such a cheerful person.

But… he's so impatient…

From: 'Olivia'


5.      Ricky is the first person ever who has taught me a word 'Pare' in Philippines, which means 'Oldest Brother'. Since then he's the oldest brother here J Every time I bring him a cake, I'll tell him the name of the cake.

Ricky Robiso is an open-minded person who's willing to learn other cultures, especially when it comes to foods. Even though he is a lot older than most of us, but he doesn't mind to hang out with us.

Thank you Ricky for everything. We may be miles apart, but our hearts will always be close through Facebook. Good luck!

From: 'Hepi'


6.      I think Ricky is a very simple person, who always tries to adapt in every condition, especially when it comes to friendship.

Thank you for having become part of us here. I hope that you'll never forget all the memories we've shared together in Periplus J

See you!

From: 'Flo'


7.      Ricky is a very nice guy, friendly, humble, smart and definitely talented. I hardly noticed him at the first time as he's a bit shy, quiet and most likely because I was too busy running around here and there (pretending to look busy) hihihi…

But then, I started to receive many good opinions about him and I got chances to notice that what people have been talking about is true.

One thing that bothers me about him is his emails hahahaha. He always writes long emails and I just can't say anything about it because he already stated,"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead".

Even though he writes such long emails, his emails are very details, but understandable. That's why I can't reply in short answers for I know he took a lot of effort in writing them, but unfortunately, to reply as long and details as he does, takes double effort for me hehehehe.

I just wish he knows that I always read all of his emails, take notes and (most of the time) agree and love his ideas.

I wish him a good luck for his next job and also may he be showered with lots of love from his dear family.

From: 'Yohana'


I wish you have such a wonderful life ahead and I know how much you've been missing your home country, especially your family. But I believe our memories will still remain here inside our hearts J Blessing be upon you forever, Pare!

From: 'Dea'

From: 'Periplus Team'
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