Saitamaya: The Master of Grilled Meat (Japan, Tokyo) - jurnal|lembu

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Saitamaya: The Master of Grilled Meat (Japan, Tokyo)

"If you’d like to come to Saitamaya, the address is 2-5-12 Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo, or if you’re more comfortable with Japanese, 東京都北区東十条2-5-12. Get there an hour before it opens at 4PM to be safe. There are no reservations. There is no website. There is no English menu. Cash only.
(EDIT) Clarity on Restaurant Rules:
1. If you come here drunk, you won’t be allowed in.
2. If you can’t drink, just order one drink (beer or lemon sour) have a sip and leave it there. They don’t have any soft drinks.
2. They give you 9 sticks of grilled meat as a set menu, nothing more nothing less. You have to eat them all and if you can’t because something seems “gross” I wouldn’t recommend going.
3. No photos, phones, or video.
4. No smoking.
5. Adults only meaning 20 yrs above since drinking age in Japan is 20.
6. Cash only." -  source:


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