Shiv Khera 7 Rules of Success

Shiv Khera 7 Rules of Success

Well, if you are suffering from depression or feeling low in your life then Shiv Khera has a best medicine in the form of “You Can Win” to heal it.

This self-help/motivational book is must read for depressed souls which is written in a layman language (very easy to understand in one read). I have read & reread this book, implemented some of the points in my life & I feel better than before.
Here are some of the tips to follow:
  1. As you read, highlight the important points/write them on a piece of paper & feed them in your conscious mind for better results
  2. Don't finish the book in one read instead read slowly one chapter at a time & the most important thing is to absorb whatever you read
  3. Read & reread it for better clarity
  4. Lastly, implement the concepts in your own life (if not all at least few) because none of the self-help books will have an impact unless the concepts are implemented .
Thanks for Reading.


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