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International Conference on Social Studies, Moral, and Character Education (ICSMC-2018)

       The United Nations initiatives of the Sustainable Development Goals aims to transform the world through a broad range of social-economic development issues, from poverty, inequalities, health, education, climate change, environment, energy, and social justice. The 2030 SDGs agenda have been closely linked to the long-term project of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), namely Education for Sustainable Development. For that purposes, all levels of educational programs from primary school to university should provide education which will develop social capital conducive to the establishment of modern state. In line with this we try to synergize tradition and modernity. Up to now we have not made it successfully as we have been independent more than 72 years, but we have not become a modern state. Indeed, Indonesia already has Pancasila as a gentleman agreement amongst various social political groups, but they have difficulty to develop positive dialogues as well as cooperation amongst them. In this regard we hope that social sciences and education of social sciences have contribution to deal with the issues of sustainable development to relate to the issues of morality and character education.
      To achieve the goals and targets of 2030 SDGs, this conference invites scholars of social sciences and of education around the world to share their research related to the issues of sustainable development as well as morality and character education. As you know modernity have provided us with some opportunities for development, but also have caused some problems related to the development. Accordingly, we are not able to solve the problems just by means of rationality of the advancement of modern sciences. In line with this the roles of national ideology as well as of local culture is very important as catalyst for Indonesian people in the course of modernity.
      Some educational issues may deal with the issues of the qualities of primary, secondary and tertiary education, as well as equal accesses to education either for boys or girls of urban and rural areas, including those with disabilities, also indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations. We may participate to ensure that all learners acquire the required knowledge and skills related to sustainable development.
       The Conference on Social Studies, Moral, and Character invites scholars, researchers and students on the fields of Social Sciences and of Social Science Education in general as well as on the specific fields of History, Geography, Economics, Civic Education, Sociology, Anthropology, and Education to participate in this international conference as a media for discussing the issues of the sustainable development. The globalization has become a disruptive era as this leads to the fast development changes in one side, but has tremendous consequences on other side. Some impacts of globalization can be investigate on some issues related to either subject matters or education in general such as: curriculum, pedagogical innovation, professionalism of teachers, educational technology, literacy, multicultural education, etc. To respond to these issues, it needs a comprehensive study which employs a multidisciplinary approach to the issues of development. For that purposes, Department of History Education of the Faculty of Social Sciences organizes the 1st International Conference on Social Studies, Moral, and Character Education (ICSMC) with big theme:
“Social Studies, Moral, and Character for Sustainable Development”
The proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social Studies, Moral, and Character (ICSMC) will be published in proceedings by international publisher and indexed by Google Scholar.
Important Dates
30 May, 2018 Deadline for Full Paper submission
31 May, 2018 Notification of acceptance
30 June, 2018 Early bird registration
31 July, 2018 Normal registration
1-2 September 2018 The Conference

Registration Fee and Payment

Once your paper is accepted the registration process begins, you have to complete the following steps:
Step 1 – Registration fee
It is mandatory for at least one author of an accepted paper to register in order for the paper to appear in the proceedings and included in the technical program. If an author has got more than one accepted papers, there will charge on additional papers.
The regular fee will be charged up to 6 pages of conference template and additional page will be charged.

Presenter (author) 100 USD IDR 1.000.000
Presenter (co-author) 75 USD IDR    750.000
Participant 40 USD IDR    400.000
Additional Paper 50 USD IDR    500.000
Additional page (per page) 10 USD IDR    100.000
City Tours (optional) 40 USD IDR    400.000
*Registration fee is not included for paper publication.