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My question address to first presenter.
First of all I need to inform you that actually my area of discipline is not Health Science,
But there is one thing that questioning myself after listening to your presentation concerning COVID 19 related to children death caused by COVID 19..
According to data that I taken from Heath Ministry (Kementrian Kesehatan) mentioned .. I hope I’m wrong in quoting this data .. it mentioned that in Indonesia, approximately 54% (fifty four percent)  children death in all death cause by COVID 19 in age of range from 0 – 4 year old..
and according to The chairman of Ikatan dokter Anak Indonesia said that children death caused by COVID 19 in Indonesia is the highest in ASEAN nations..
My question is:
 As the expert in this discipline, what is your comment on this fenomena..
do you think that there are more should to be done by Indonesian government?
do you think that something missing regards to the COVID 19 prevention and handling efforts in Indonesia to decrease the figure of children death caused by COVID 19?

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